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zeta-saint:COMMISSION – The Witch and the Reaper Gfycat | Webm | mp4 (Patreon) Our tale continues in the cemetery of Adlersbrunn, where the Reaper has grown weary of his bargain with the Witch. “Witch!” The Reaper called to his mistress bathed in the light of the midnight moon, a scowl felt in the air but not seen on his glowing face. “You promised unique loot boxes, but I’ve seen this same legendary twice! Know that my service comes not without its fair price!” “Reaper,” she frowned with disappointment. “I may tinker with life itself, but I cannot meet your demand. So long as Blizzard desires money, I can offer little more than a helping hand.” “Then how about a hand with this?!” Happy Halloween! To make up for that last Witch Mercy animation, here’s a way better one.  Now with 100% more pumpkin dick! [CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT ME ON PATREON] – HQ versions of this month’s animations and images for $1 [CLICK HERE FOR MY COMMISSION INFO]

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