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xkitart:: Hi there guys! whats up and whats happening? let the bboooobsss reejoooiicccce! I hope everyone is having a good holiday! sorry its been a while since I posted i’ve been busy but ill be uploading alot of commission stuff in the next few days! anyways I know its a little late for halloween but its never a bad time for witch Mercy I mean i’d  tap that any day of the year!!! any dayyyyy!!!! so yeah I love the whole Idea of being a real delicious mommy on this skin I mean i dont have a mommy kink but for her yes hahahaha anyways will be uploading more stuff in the days to come let me know what you guys wanna see me do more on my Tumblr so you could enjoy my content more!if you guys are interested in commissions plz feel free to note me as well and as always links for the nsfw versions will be down.. HEREPixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/whitecube/user/9760319/illust/60272664DA: http://xkit69.deviantart.com/art/Mercy-Your-son-calls-me-mommy-too-649829153I hope you guys have a happy holidays and every day a boobilicous day!!!

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