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Tracer’s Taco Time
v( ‘ – ‘ )v I had to. Just a quick wee image I threw together for an extra christmas gift to the fans! Tracer may have a wife/girlfriend, but who’s to say she wasn’t eating taco before that!

Tracer peered longingly at the nervous looking DVA as she
parted her thighs and gently lowered her head between them. DVA bit her lip as
she felt the warm breath of her bold comrade caressing at her bare nethers.
Tracer blinked for a moment, gazing up at DVA. “You ever get
that feeling of Déjà vu?” – DVA looked puzzled at the random question slowing
shaking her head in reply “Not at this particular moment, no…”
Tracer smirked a devilish smirk at the confused girl. “Just
me then.” she said in lustful tone, before quickly shoving her tongue into
DVA’s moistening nethers.

I’m not sorry. ( ‘ – ‘)b
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