ultamisia:Emoting may cause complicationsHAPPY HOLIDAYS… - Overwatch Hentai/Porn

ultamisia:Emoting may cause complicationsHAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE! My holiday themed pic of this year featuring Elf tracer and her GF Emily warming up for the holidays!  Who knew emoting in a tight spandex outfit could lead to trouble! Hope you all enjoy the pic and have an awesome holiday! I’m personally happy that Blizz decides to make their poster child for the game gay, it’s rather a ballsie move, and a welcomed one. I know that a lot of people, especially in the WidowTracer ship are rather salty about the whole thing and can understand (i put in a small easter egg in the pic ). I know that Pharmercy will most likely never be a thing and have to realize these are Fan ships, not official ones., Blizzard created the IP and it’s characters, they can do what they want with it no matter what preferences we may have. So..it would be awesome if they listened to their fans about lore/relationships, but it’s not really up to us and there’s nothing stopping us to continue these ideas in any case. Anyways, i’ll shut up! enjoy the holiday season! DA Link

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