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Talon’s Recruitment Process
While Talon continue to remain hidden to the public eye. One of its operatives has built up a reputation for her abilities. Amélie Lacroix, also known as Widowmaker, to the world is renowned for her ruthless efficiency out in the field. But back at Talon HQ, her role is more… intimate.
Her job is to test the recruits employing whatever tactics she desires. Basically, if you can cover her plump, round, latex-wrapped butt with a hot, sticky load; you’re hired. Failing that, you’ll be tormentingly milked until every last drop has secreted from your sensitive tip, and she is satisfied. Question is, do you go for it?
Word of advice, even Reaper thinks she can get a bit carried away…
So uh, dunno how I managed to render 8 different variants. But it happened anyway. This was for the butt-job request, then I thought “adjust the cock and that’s another version right there.” Which carried on to a “what about a cumshot version?” followed by “Hey, this other angle looks pretty good…” So after much rendering and hard-drive space may I present to you: Porn. Complete with a little story I wrote for a goof.
Shout-out to the guy who recognised me on Overwatch the other day 😀
Angle 1:
Clean Rubbing   (Gfycat / Webm)Clean Penetration   (Gfycat / Webm)Messy Rubbing   (Gfycat / Webm)Messy Penetration   (Gfycat / Webm)
Angle 2:
Clean Rubbing   (Gfycat / Webm)Clean Penetration   (Gfycat / Webm)Messy Rubbing   (Gfycat / Webm)Messy Penetration   (Gfycat / Webm)
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