therozzers:Gfycat version here. My god, I literally couldn’t… - Overwatch Hentai/Porn

therozzers:Gfycat version here. My god, I literally couldn’t get this video to loop properly with those eyebrows. I spent over an hour trying to fix that tiny wiggle, and nothing worked. So screw me. Mind you, I did manage to get a nice envmap working on Widow’s suit. It now looks a little more shiny like it does in Overwatch, rather than just looking fairly matte. It’s not too obvious in this animation, but it’s the little blue glossy thingy that I’ve just realised I can’t describe properly. If there’s any kind of demand I can release the texture/VMT combo for people on SFMLab but for now I’m too lazy. Also I’m at uni now. Things are cool. Assets used: Widowmaker Tracer Egypt (in SFM by default)

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