slendistry:Pharah PinupHelmet 4K)Imgur | Mixtape | MegaNo… - Overwatch Hentai/Porn

slendistry:Pharah PinupHelmet 4K)Imgur | Mixtape | MegaNo Helmet 4K)Imgur | Mixtape | MegaHelmet 2K)Imgur | Mixtape | MegaNo Helmet 2K)Imgur | Mixtape | Mega Thanks again for the help, @hakusfm Never got the legs working in IK. Something about scaled bones and rigs that doesn’t mix right in SFM. Anyways, I think this is my first use of a chroma keyed background. Lighting is a bit off and there’s still little bits of green left if you look close enough but I think I did a pretty good job for my first time. As odd as it sounds, I was trying to determine if her skin was green at all. I don’t know if many of you are aware of this but I’m partially colour blind. So things like greens and browns can get a bit muddled. The eyedropper tool says it’s not and I dropped the green with a colour balance adjustment so that’ll have to do for now, even if it still looks like a dark green to me. (TELL ME IF IT’S GREEN PLEASE!) More Pharah is to come, stay tuned.

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