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shadezart:Animation: D.Va Just Wants to Play Vidya Video (With Sound!): Dear Diary, Dr. Z has been really distracting lately. Today was my first day-off in a while, and I just wanted to relax and play some games. She had other plans for me though -_-. I just can’t say no to her! I’ve felt so good ever since we started our experiment; my body seems to just give up when she’s around. She started massaging my butt while I played, and when she told me my haircut was cute, I wrapped my legs around her and locked her in place. I couldn’t help it, her tongue is just soooo long, it hits all the right places. I only wish she would use it on my pussy more often >:. That’s part of the experiment though. When we’re done, she says my butt will feel even better than my pussy, although to be honest, it kinda already feels better ;). Love, D.Va My line of work comes in the form of individual gigs, and these past few months I’ve been getting more than I ever have. I’ve lost the animation urge, but I’m hoping to get it back, finishing this inspired me a bit. I may have to focus everything on work and school, but If I can find the time, I’m gonna work on a series of animations starring these two. If I can, then I hope D.Va isn’t your waifu, cuz I plan to turn her into a cock-hungry slut by the time I’m done.

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