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nodusfm:Quick Test Loops + testing gifs (also quick question for viewers) Sorry folks, no audio on these. I need to get more sounds. Mixtape | 1 2 Gfycat | 1 2 Whipped up some quick things to test out a model edit. edit: Should clarify that the first scene was the initial model test before I went to work on the longer second gif but posted that one anyway because it was another animation I was able to throw in. I should have properly extended the length to make it less repetitive and I apologize for that. I’ll make up for it soon. 🙂 That Mei model on SFMLab is a literal mess in terms of bone layout so I made my own changes and experimented with minor full body jigglebones, which is something I’ve been thinking about throwing into any other ports and edits. It’s not perfect, unfortunately, but it seems to have come out alright despite some weird mesh clipping. Mei was probably the best one to try it on considering how plump this body hack is… but that neck seam really sucks. I’ll probably end up blending the textures and fixing some restricted bone weight work or come up with a custom body in general. Might also need more breast jiggle. SO, on to that question. I’ve received a comment regarding the short length of my animations and I fully agree, that’s something I want to improve upon so I wanted to ask: How long (on average) is a good animation length for you personally either on loops, scenes, or full on films? I’ve only been animating for say maybe three or four months now and I’m trying some other methods that get me the same results much quicker. This animation deal I’m doing is to improve and work on bigger things so any feedback is essential to that purpose. I’m not a fan of rehashing the same scene in different angles to fill up film time – It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something I avoid doing. Ultimately that requires a lot more effort on my part so tell me what you think about that too. I should also be clear that I’m just wondering what you think, not what the popular opinion is going to dictate. I’m also looking to render in higher DOF settings to see how big of a quality increase my current settings are for fast renders. That’s about it for now. I’ve made some slight changes to my FAQ page to hold some information about requests I pick up and a “request vault” that shows what requests get listed so I can get working on them later. So far there’s two entries I’ll fulfill when possible. I also hope the walls of text I leave everywhere isn’t bothering anyone for something that’s just straight up porn on the internet haha, just wanted to give the full rundown of what I’m doing.

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