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”The Angel and The Succubus”In Safetysland, every booty is magnificent! Yeah I’ll name my tumblr Safetysland for a while while I think of a better name for my stuffI’m not sure about this but, Morrigan Aensland x Mercy SFM porn was done by me first I guess. It’s not a huge big thing, but I always love being first in SFM ideas and stuff. Also, this altered Morrigan Aensland model by me is just too hot I couldn’t stop myself once in a while while making this. All we need nowadays is some VR stuff and 3d worlds so we can put our faces between those hot oiled booties specially from Mercy and Morrigan. That shinyness and bootyness just makes me want to take a huge bite out of it too. Here’s a bonus creepy story for perverts who like impregnation fantasy smut. It might ruin the pic gallery if you’re not into it, so read at your own smut.Morrigan Aensland invited Mercy into a photoshoot showing off their hot Demon and Angel booties. The camera guy didn’t just want their booty, he wanted them to be naked. Then after a few takes, he wanted them to be oiled up. Then he wanted them to be fucked by him. Then he wanted them to be creampied by him for a better take on cum dripping all over and inside their sweet bodies. At first they were skeptic, but on the end, Morrigan didn’t really care, as long as they get featured in a great magazine for hot demonesses together with Mercy. The camera guy gave them the deepest and strongest creampie he could hoping to knock them both up. Morrigan and Mercy complained why was it had to be so deep, they couldn’t push it out, they were getting anxious about getting knocked up. He told them “Don’t worry you gals will be fine, I use birth control meds to suppress my cum to avoid knocking up my models”. After several months he called back asking for another shoot because the film got corrupted, but as the two went back their bodies are already altered from their last session. The camera guy posed with his impregnated models and titled the uploaded photos “i just knocked up two of the hottest bitches in one night”. Before saying goodbye while the two trying hard to get their bred bodies back on foot, he whispered “There was no magazine from the beginning”… is what me with Morrigan Aensland and Mercy did before the shoot

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