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Feets ^o^
Widow x Tracer 1
Widow x Tracer 2
Tracer Feets 1
Tracer Feets 2
Tracer Feets 3
So, what started out as an idea for a cute Tracer poster turned into a poster set focusing on Tracer feets, and then I had an idea for a cute bonus pic with Tracer and Widow, and then I ended up making 2 angles of it, and then I decided I should make a poster just for Widowfeets too .-.
So yeah, this took me quite a while, in fact there are 3 other posters than I’m not posting because they didnt come out good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a bit late for summer, some definitely came out better than others, but I hope you like regardless ^^
Patreon support is always appreciated! <3
Next up: Sombra feets :3

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