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Futa D.Va x Tracer-Short Loop
So how long until they nerf the now OP D.Va in OW? I was gonna skip Christmas all together and just work on raffles and commissions but changed my mind like a week before Christmas. Started a Futa Sym x Mei special and ended up making the cumshot part too much work and ran out of time. 
So I ended up making this on Christmas Eve and staying up for almost 30 hours to finish it in time for patrons at least. So since I am more than late for Christmas I went ahead and rendered non Christmas angles for everyone.
Anyways the Sym x Mei thing is still happening, just need to do Syms face expressions/lip sync and then add the cum splats for the cumshot scene. Finish the intro stuff and its done. Should have that up next month hopefully.
Please enjoy my first animation of 2017! Gonna try my best to get better and improve on my animations for this year.
Download Links
Xmas 2016 Version  Normal Version  Fully Nude Tracer Version
All In One Clips
Pornhub  Xmas 2016  Normal  Fully Nude Tracer
All Angles(Only one 60fps, the rest 30 fps.)
60FPS Angle
30FPS angles
Xmas 2016 Version
Angle 1  Angle 2  Angle 3  Angle 4  Angle 5  Angle 6  Angle 7
Normal Version
Angle 1  Angle 2  Angle 3  Angle 4  Angle 5  Angle 6  Angle 7  Tracer POV
Fully Nude Tracer Version

Angle 1  Angle 2  Angle 3  Angle 4  Angle 5
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PS: GOTY 2016 for me was Uncharted 4, FF15 a close second with Doom, Dark Souls 3 and Tokyo Mirage Sessions in my top 5!

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