1kmspaint:Sombra X Reaper – Sorry GabeAfter watching the final… - Overwatch Hentai/Porn

1kmspaint:Sombra X Reaper – Sorry GabeAfter watching the final render of this there is a lot to be desired. I cut a lot of corners on the animation and it shows. To anybody who does animation this will be glaringly obvious. However, it’s all rendered and it’s done and the amount of time put in to fix minor things would take probably just as long as it did to get to this point. The reality is, the cost of perfection is prohibitive. That being said, I don’t think it is TERRIBLE by any means just a bit rough around the edges. It is long though at just over 2 minutes long. Doing just the audio took me 3 hours.>WEBM<>MEGA<Music: Perturbator – “Sentient” [Music Video – UNCENSORED – “The Uncanny Valley”]  AmazonIf you like the music used please support the artist. Perturbator is fucking fantastic and I’m sure would love the support.

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